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Eureka College gift to be used for Reagan Research Center

Last Updated Mar 2011

Eureka CollegeEureka College has received a major gift to pay for a new research center. Named the Mark R. Shenkman Reagan Research Center, it is expected to open before the end of this year and will strive to acquire and house every book written about former President Ronald Reagan. The gift ranks among the most important in the history of the college's relationship with the legacy of the former president, who graduated from Eureka College in 1932.

The center will be open to the Eureka College community and scholars from around the world. This year marks the 100th anniversary of Reagan's birth. The college will begin to acquire the estimated 1,000 books written about Reagan to add to its existing collection of primary documents, letters and objects in the archives and the Reagan museum. For more, go to: www.eureka.edu/news/releases/spring_11/shenkman.htm