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General Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada can be contacted with the information below. To find a specific congregation's contact information, please use the Find a Congregation feature.

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Disciples Center

Shipping Address:
130 East Washington Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

As of Aug. 22, 2014
1099 N. Meridian, Ste. 700
Indianapolis, IN 46204-1036

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1986
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206


Phone: 317-635-3100
Fax: 317-635-3700 or (800) 458-3318
TDD: 317-635-4717

General Ministries

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Ministry Location Phone Web Address
Central Pastoral Office for Hispanic Ministries Indianapolis, IN (317) 635-3100
Chalice Press/Christian Board of Publication St. Louis, MO (314) 231-8500
Christian Church Foundation Indianapolis, IN 1-800-668-8016
Church Extension - see Disciples Church Extension Fund and Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation  Indianapolis, IN 1-800-274-1883
Communication Ministries Indianapolis, IN (317) 713-2492
Council on Christian Unity Indianapolis, IN (317) 713-2586
Disciples Church Extension Fund Indianapolis, IN 1-800-274-1883
Disciples of Christ Historical Society Nashville, TN (615) 327-1444
Disciples Home Missions Indianapolis, IN (317) 635-3100
Division of Overseas Ministries/Global Ministries Indianapolis, IN (317) 635-3100
Higher Education and Leadership Ministries St. Louis, MO (314) 991-3000
Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation
(includes New Church Ministry)
Indianapolis, IN 1-800-274-1883
National Benevolent Association
Maryland Heights, MO (314) 993-9000
North American Pacific/Asian Disciples Indianapolis, IN (317) 635-3100
Office of the General Minister and President Indianapolis, IN (317) 635-3100
Pension Fund Indianapolis, IN (317) 634-4504

Christian Church Foundation

Main Number: 1-800-668-8016

Name Ext. / Phone E-Mail
Cullumber, Jim x2429
Gaza, Megan x2419
Hansen, Sue x2436
Hayden, Mary Lou x2435
Hartman, Joe x2430
Johnson, Karen x2433
Johnson, Randy x2437
Kidwell, Gary x2423
Kuhl, Pat x2424
Lucas, Lori x2428
Ocasio, Enrique x2432
Phillips, Jessica x2434
Stratton, Christy x2427
Weaver, Ruth x2422
Wesner, Bobbi x2425
White, Cathie x2440
White, Linda x2431

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Church Extension

Disciples Church Extension Fund staff listing

Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation staff listing

Main Switchboard: 1-800-274-1883

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Communication Ministries

Main Number: (317) 713-2492

Name Ext. / Phone E-Mail
Higgins, Christopher  x2494
McKay, Suzanne x2492
Williams, Cherilyn x2496

Editor: Howard Bowers
Ext./Phone - x2409; e-mail -

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Higher Education and Leadership Ministries

Main Switchboard: (314) 991-3000

Name Ext. / Phone E-Mail
Dorsey, Rev. Bernard "Chris" x101
Woods, Janice x105
Plengemeier, Linda x102

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Office of the General Minister and President

Main Switchboard (Disciples Center): (317) 635-3100

Name Ext. / Phone E-Mail
Adams, Todd x2414
Barkhauer, Bruce x2404
Coleman, Sharon x2405
Cole, Sharease x2717
Gilvin, Brandon
Goebel, John x2453

Haskett, Chandra x2416
James, Timothy x2407
Johnson, April x2411
Murtaugh, Eileen x2656
Speaks, Doris x2406
Sullivan, Beth x2402
Sweck, Michael x2446
Watkins, Sharon x2402
Woodard, Gwen x2448
Wray, Johnny

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Pension Fund

Main Number: (317)

Name Ext. / Phone E-Mail
Bobadilla, India x2630
Brownie, Doris x2631
Bryant-Bails, Andrea x2616
Budlong, Scott x2688
Burton, Nancy x2676
Cassidy, Christa x2611
Dennison, Harold x2623
Denton, Teresa x2608
Draper, Duncan x2624
Everetts, Rob x2669
Fisher, Eugene x2602
Fleming, Dawn x2721
Gaither, Nicole x2614
Gierbolini, Learsy x2606
Gobeyn, Brett x2605
Hurst, Kate x2618
Hagan, Teresa x2625
Hamlett, James x2622
Inglish, Connie x2808
Leavell, Martha x2617
Martin, Sara x2620
McCullough, Kerry x2626
Michael-Bowers, Saundra x2607
Owens, Deidre x2647
Porter, Michael x2603
Sheenan, Jefa x2636
Stone, David x2610
Wallace, Ruth x2627
Watkins, Ida x2629

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